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Peh-Sah [speaking mouth]

Rabbi Zira said, “From here, a joy for man with an answer in his mouth, and a matter in its time, how good it is. When is there joy for man? When there is an answer in his mouth.” RASHI interpreted, “When is one happy with his learning? When he can answer when asked about some Halacha [law]” (Iruvin 54a).

We should interpret that when his organs ask about some Halacha [law], Halacha means Kalah [bride], which is the kingdom of heaven. When the mouth in Kedusha [holiness] is shut, a person is regretful. But when he has an answer in his mouth, this is called Peh-Sah [Pesach (Passover)/speaking mouth]. At that time, he has the joy of Mitzva [commandment].

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