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Baruch Shalom HaLevi Ashlag (The RABASH)

Letter No. 63

July 26, 1962, Gateshead, England


I received your letter from the 23rd of July, as well as a letter from… from the 20th of July. And since this week I came to England, I will begin to reply to each and everyone of the letters.

Regarding the gathering of the fellows on the eve of Shabbat, it is very important, and I do not understand why the orthodox cannot gather without the fellows. I think they are already grownups, and do not need the support of the fellows to be the foundation without which they cannot get together. They can sit by themselves, while you fellows sit by yourselves. Therefore, I believe that none should be postponed because of the other.

And regarding… he should take upon himself the burden of persistence, and not think so much about such serious problems. But most importantly, I see that he is afraid of the truth, that he might, God forbid, see some truth and will have to surrender before it. Tell him, “Buy truth and do not sell.” Selling means revealing outwards, meaning that one who wants to buy truth not for himself but in order to have something to sell to others, such a man should fear that he may have nothing to sell.

But one who has no interest in life other than to live in the world of falsehood in a truthful way does not care. If he can walk on the path of truth when he sees the truth, then he has nothing to regret. And if it is hard for him to walk on the path of truth, it is still worthwhile for him because he has contact with the truth, and he sits and waits for a time of good will when he can take upon himself to walk by its way.

But fearing that he might, God forbid, see the truth? I have never heard of a person being afraid of that. Although it is written, “Happy is he who is always afraid,” but there are many interpretations to this.

I have no time to elaborate now, but in the coming letters I will write in greater detail.

Baruch Shalom HaLevi Ashlag,

Son of Baal HaSulam

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