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The Importance of Friendship

A story about a little boy and his hands and feet

Once upon a time there lived a little boy. He was still a baby, and didn't know any words except for "mama" and "papa."

But the boy's hands, feet and eyes already knew how to speak. And one night, when the boy was lying in his crib, they started arguing about who is more important.

"We're more important," the eyes claimed. "Without us the feet wouldn't know where to go, and the hands wouldn't know what to take."

"No, we're more important!" the hands argued. "Sure, the eyes can see, but we're the ones playing with toys."

"You're both wrong, we are more important!" the feet shouted. "We're the ones that run to the toys in the first place."

This argument was overheard by a magical elf who lived on a bookshelf full of fairytales next to the boy's crib.

"All of you are very silly," he said. "Don't you realize that you are all helpless on your own? But together you make up one body, agile and strong. And you're only important if you work together, so that the boy can run and play and look at the world. You have been entrusted with an important task: to protect the boy and to help him in every way. And here you are - arguing with each other!"

When the hands, the feet and the eyes heard the elf's words, they became ashamed. They realized that they are ALL very important to the boy, and that made them happy. And they never argued anymore, but became friends and always worked together. And the baby grew up and became a happy and cheerful boy. Because wherever there's harmony and friendship - everyone is happy and cheerful.

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